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2024-05-27 08:37 pm

A little update :)

Hey everyone!

As you can see I didn't post again in quite a while, simply because my drawing tablet stopped working :(
Since I started my store I have to invest all my money into it and I didn't get paid from modelling since the beginning of this year and the next payment will take atleast 6 months from now, so as you can see I cannot afford a new drawing tablet.

So updates with new textures will have to wait.. a long time I'm afraid.
The good news is that I made my first object conversion from TS3 to TS2, so in the meantime I will be able to make those!

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2024-03-19 09:07 pm
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So I've been back for about 2 weeks now, Paris Fashionweek was fun but I do prefer to be home and not running around all day!

It's been so difficult to decide what to make next! While there are so many awesome creations for the femmes out there already, I still feel like their wardrobe is lacking, especially in things that are more casual, so I made cute puff sleeved tops!
They also have fat and preg morphs and have bumpmap enabled!

I hope you like them, and definitely feel free to recolor them, since I only made 4!

Get them here!

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2024-02-18 09:08 am
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18 FEB 2012: I've got wood and lamps

Yes I've been busy, but these will be the last items I'll make before I go away for a month!

I made 2 sets of floors and one recolor set of the IKEA paper lamp, I hope you like them!


Get the floors here and the lamps here!

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2022-08-27 04:26 pm

Welcome to Summerdream Sims -under construction-

Welcome to Summerdream Sims, a journal dedicated to downloads for The Sims 2, mostly in Maxis Match style, or somewhat inspired by it :)

Everything is still under construction, but there will be a couple uploads already.

Hair; Female - Hair; Male
Genetics; Skins - Genetics; eyes
Clothing; Female - Clothing; Male
Make-up - Object Recolors

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2022-02-14 04:56 pm
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update: skins

I've finally updated again, this time it's a set of 4 Maxis Match skins, I hope you guys like them!
You can get them here: link
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2012-03-12 09:20 am
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10 feb 2010: UPDATE TIME! :3

More handpainted goodies! I made a set of 10 patterned bikinis, I really hope you like them :)

I've been working on a revamped eye set, and hope to have them uploaded this weekend, since the old one isn't downloadable anymore...
I'll be doing a bit more regular clothing in the future too, and I've been doing some hair retextures, but while my handpainting of clothing has improved, the handpainting in hair skill has decreased ;o; so the new hairs will be bad. Oh well..

You can download the swimwear set here!

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2012-03-12 09:19 am
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11 feb 2010: EYE HAVE BEEN BUSY

Eye galore! I made 14 pretty Maxis matchy eyes, based on my older eyes (that I sadly don't have anymore), they're very similar but not exactly the same. I have split them in 2 sets: the Maxis 5, and 9 extra colors. The Maxis 5 come in defaulted, geneticized and custom.
The 9 extras come in geneticized and custom (feel free to default them yourself though!)

Get them here!

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2012-02-05 05:41 pm
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5 Feb 2012: Update!

I updated today with 2 handpainted underwear sets for Adult Female, one floral and one dotted set!
The preview pictures are kinda shabby because I just reinstalled my game and don't have a lot of downloads (and no poseboxes even!) yet.

You can download the sets here!

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2010-07-02 10:23 pm
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Update: Maxis hair retextured!

I've been really enjoying my new drawing tablet, so to test it out I retextured a Maxis basegame hair!
Please excuse the ugly preview picture, I really need to sort my game out again (due to a hdd crash I lost everything ;__;), but I can assure you
that it looks a lot better in game!

It's also the start of a kind of a new project, where I will retexture some Maxis hairs and I might even try to default them.

You can get it here: link

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2009-09-03 09:41 pm


If you'd like to see something made, please leave a comment here and I will see what I can do :)

Things I won't do:
- Retexturing Nouk's Rockabilly hair, it drives me up the wall.
- Retexturing of Helga's meshes, her mapping is just crazy.
- Making custom hair meshes, I can't do that yet.
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2009-08-27 09:55 pm

hair; female

no meshes included
All files are binned, linked, compressed, and renamed unless stated otherwise.
They are also in the standard Maxis-like colors I always provide, pictures taken in BS might be provided later on... but for now one color should suffice ;D

+1 maxis retextured )
+1 xmsims retextured )
+3 nouk retextured )
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2009-08-27 09:54 pm

hair; male

no meshes included
All files are binned, linked, compressed, and renamed unless stated otherwise.
They are also in the standard Maxis-like colors I always provide, so pretty much the
same as the female retextures :)

+1 peggy retextured )
+1 newsea retextured )
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2009-08-27 09:54 pm

genetics; eyes

Maxis Match Eyes- click the [x] for more pictures
Hand painted and lightly shaded for a little more depth, but still maxis-y enough.
Because they are only shaded a bit, your Sims can still make the weird faces we love
without having strange black eyes.
+3 sets )
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2009-08-27 09:54 pm

clothing; female

Female Adult-
Meshes included or linked to unless stated otherwise.
+5 sets! )
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2009-08-27 09:53 pm

Object Recolors; Maxis

Object Recolors; Maxis
Recolors of Maxis objects,  because sometimes Sims like things that are a little more worn (or that just have texture).
If you want one of my object recolors in a different color, please leave a comment in this post, not the request post!

+3 Sets of recolors under here... yes I do those too XD )
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2009-08-27 09:53 pm

make-up -under construction-

-under construction-
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2009-08-27 09:52 pm


To avoid confusion, here is my most recent policy:

- You may edit anything I made in whatever way you want, unless stated otherwise.
However if you want to upload it somewhere you must credit me and it must never
be uploaded to a pay site or a site like TSR without my permission.

- If you use my textures to retexture hair, I would like full credit.
I paint all my textures by hand and a lot of hard work and time goes in each hairstyle
I make, please don't take the credit for simply just slapping it on a different mesh. (sorry if this comes across as rude)

- Do not upload my downloads to other sites, I do allow my content to be included with Sims etc.

That's all I can think of for now.
If you have any questions, please leave a comment in this post.
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2009-08-27 02:27 pm

Walls & Floors

All floors and walls are properly named so you can find them easily :)


+2 floor sets! )