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colemarie ([personal profile] colemarie) wrote on November 2nd, 2009 at 01:40 am
Just dropping by
Just letting you know I LOVE your work. I drop by this site everyday hoping there'll be more awesome hair. From the very beginning of my obsession with CC hair, I've wanted them to all look the SAME! Augh. I'm kind of picky with things like that and now I'm completely switched over to Maxis/Ninika only hair. :)

I was wondering if Nouk's 060607 curls might be possible...the high curly ponytail? Don't know how the mapping is on that one, haven't extracted it in bodyshop yet. - curl hair.

Also, if it wasn't requested yet, Nouk's squid hair. I applied your Girl Next Door textures to it but found it wasn't quite right. Maybe I did something wrong...haha. :)

Anyway, thanks again for making my game so much prettier and OCD-friendly! :D

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