akatonbo: a red dragonfly on... concrete, maybe? (Default)
akatonbo ([personal profile] akatonbo) wrote on October 27th, 2009 at 04:43 am
It's a long shot, but would you be up to taking a hack at Maxifying Myos 14 (yes, the mass of curls)? It is beyond my ability to actually do WELL, since mostly I just slap textures on things; occasionally I will get ambitious and shape them to the alpha some, and I tried blending it with the Maxis M&G curl texture and that was full of fail, so unless I find something that actually blends WELL with it...

(On a similar note, HP's Cherub/Seraph isn't as bad -- I am at least attempting it either by filtering the original texture or by playing with Twirl a lot -- but I guarantee you are better than me.)
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