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Neena ([personal profile] summerdream) wrote2009-08-27 09:54 pm

genetics; skins

All my skintones are compressed, come with defaults, customs and geneticized versions.
So watch out wich one you're downloading! You can only have either customs or geneticized ones of each set, not both! (ofcourse you can mix and match if you prefer...)

The textures I use for my blend  are stolen come from the following artists:
Enayla, Ephemera, Jirka, Chaz, Anva, Pooklet, Mouseyblue and a couple parts are handpainted.

These are part one of a hopefully much bigger Maxis Match skintone project.
The Naturals V1 are the most basic Maxis Match skins, they come in the standard matching colors
and all the features are identical.  Definitely worth checking out for the Maxis Match fans, even if the preview sucks!

download default
download custom
download geneticized

A blend between my naturals and Lovesong skintones with some extra bits from Mouseyblue and Pooklet added. They're still kind of Maxis Match, but are more shiney (just the way I like it!)
They have normal/fit/fat states and the elders have wrinkles.
I will try to make some variations regarding color and noses as soon as possible!

download custom
download geneticized
download default


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